Emulsions in Water

Heterogeneous continuous water phase containing pesticide dispersed in an organic phase

Ferbi srl
An emulsion obtained dispersing of a liquid or low melting active ingredient in a liquid continuous phase, generally water.
Droplets have a characteristic few micrometres sizes, generally between 0.5 and 2 μm.
Emulsions are thermodynamically not stable but can be kinetically stable if well formulated, by means of thickening agents.
Water continuous phase, instead of organic solvent for ECs, grants of lower phytotoxicity, no flashpoint concern, ease of handling, and a lower environmental impact.
The emulsion has already been established in the formulation and is only diluted further in the spray mixture.
  • Lower phytotoxicity, eco-toxicity
  • Higher flash point
  • Compatibility with flowables
  • Spontaneous emulsification upon dilution
  • Cons:
  • Use expensive solvents
  • Crystallisation problems
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