Ferbi srl

Target Pests:
Usage Addresses:
For professional users
Ready-to-use insecticide in dustable powder. The product can be used for the treatment of porous surfaces. Active ingredients give to the formulation a knocking-down effect.
Formulation contains denatonium benzoate, a bittering agent that prevents ingestions by children.
100 grams of product contain:
  • Cypermethrin pure (CAS N° 52315-07-8) 0.50 g
  • Tetramethrin pure (CAS N° 7696-12-0) 0.07 g
  • Piperonyl butoxide pure (CAS 51-03-6) 0.69 g
  • Co-formulants q.s. to 100 g
  • Formulation:
    Ready-to-use dustable powder
    Technical Data Sheet