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For general public, professional and trained professional users
FERPELLET BRODI 25 is a biocide product PT14.
FERPELLET BRODI 25 is a rodenticide bait formulation, containing an anticoagulant active ingredient, named Brodifacoum.
The formulation consists of a very palatable pellet for the target animals.
The product does not alert and does not generate suspicions to the other members of the rodent population.
FERPELLET BRODI 25 can be used indoor and around industrial buildings (including warehouses, depots, ship holds), rural, civil, homes, basements, garages, storerooms, gardens and outdoor areas of relevance.
100 grams of product contain:
  • Brodifacoum (CAS N° 56073-10-0) 0.0025 g
  • Denatonium Benzoate (CAS N° 3734-33-6) 0.001 g
  • Co-formulant to 100 g
  • Formulation:
    The pellet bait allows, as in the food industry, to be able to mix food and nutrients, even in powder form, and create an attractive bait.
    Ferbi has put all its experience as a rodenticide bait formulator in order to obtain a bait with a good palatability by selecting food-grade ingredients.
    The bait contains Denatonium benzoate, a bitter substance, to prevent accidental ingestion by children.
    Technical Data Sheet